Hello! Let’s tell you a little bit about why we started…

James Petrellis (CEO)

About the studio

Co-founded by James Petrellis & Borko Knezevic. JBCORP LLC brings over 20 years of digital performance marketing experience to you.

Mr. Petrellis has a broad history in the relatively new e-commerce industry. He has personally utilized many of the world’s top advertising platforms to his advantage, including Instagram, Facebook, Google, and other strong networks across the world. When he was 16, he made his first dollar online selling Home Security Alarms on eBay, this was a little experiment he ran that made him money while studying at High School. His teachers were often impressed with not only his entrepreneurial mindset but the fact that he would take such action at such a young age.

Mr. Petrellis has started and built up another successful e-commerce company called Byron Body Pty Ltd to over $30 million worth of online sales over the last 9 years.

Within Byron Body, Mr. Petrellis worked on sourcing trending products and sold them via his e-commerce marketing campaigns. Some examples of product types he’s had success with are:


-Tactical Flashlights

-Travel Backpacks

-DIY Multitools

Mr. Petrellis is an international speaker at various industry conferences.